Helping Those In Need

We're proud to bring high-quality
products and services to those
in need during these difficult times.


Our Commitment

For the people

Our success is tied to the success of our community. Because of this, we donate 50% of proceeds to the ACLU to drive social justice in the USA, and welcome recommendations from our customers on causes they support. 

FDA-Certified & W.H.O. Approved

All products meet all FDA requirements and contain best-in-class formulas recommended by the W.H.O. and CDC.

Minimal Lead Times

With direct-to-manufacturer relationships in the USA and around the globe, we have products on the ground in the USA today, as well as supply chains to support large recurring orders.


We have people on-the-ground in factories to ensure the highest quality standards of our products, and offer them at affordable prices.

Our Products

Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer

80% alcohol antiseptic available in:

∙  8 oz (48 bottles/case)

∙  16 oz (36 bottles/case)

∙  1.75 L (6 bottles/case)

∙  55 gallon drum

∙  270 gallon IBC tote

Starting at: 50 units | 1 case ($7.50/pc)

Face Shield
Face Shield

FDA food-grade PET Face Shield that comes with PU foam headband and an elastic strap. Made in FDA-registered facilities in USA.

Starting at: 150 units | 1 case ($5.00/pc)

KN95 & 3-Ply Face Masks
KN95 & 3-Ply Face Masks

A foldable, lightweight, and one-size-fits-all.

∙  KN95

∙  3-Ply Level 1 Medical (BFE 95%)

∙  3-Ply Surgical Grade

∙  3-Ply Surgical Grade Sterile

∙  3-Ply Level 1 Civil

Starting at: 
KN95 | 10 units ($3.50/pc)
3-Ply Civil | xx units ($x.xx/pc)
3-Ply Level 1 Medical 95% | 50 units ($0.95/pc)
3-Ply Surgical Grade | 20,000 units ($0.37/pc)
3-Ply Surgical Grade Sterile | 20,000 units ($0.40/pc)


We Discount Bulk Orders

As a direct-to-manufacturer supplier, we are able to discount large and recurring orders. If you are looking for large quantities or plan on making recurring purchases, please inquire with us so that we may properly consult on pricing, lead times and payment terms. If you require a product not listed or would like to request a quote, please inquire and we will be happy to assist!

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